Mission Statement

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Mission statements are so 5th grade… but it says something about who you are and even more importantly, why you do what you do. So, to that end:

Mission Statement #1

To publicly share fair and unbiased information, reviews, experiences and opinions of all the things I/we consume in and around Arvada, CO with the purpose of educating, informing and entertaining.

  • I believe that sharing experiences with all things (not just food) is what it means to be a good modern digital citizen.
  • I believe in voting with my dollar for the places, people and establishments that take the time to do it right and that care about the customer.
  • I believe in top-notch ingredients prepared by people who respect the art, craft, food and experience.
  • I believe in food as a celebration of life and those who provide it to be the Masters of that ceremony. Now matter how simple the dish or complex the experience.

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