Quinoa Noodles FTW

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First things first, I don’t consider noodles to be good for you. I know, I know… you ask “why then do you eat them?” Because sometimes life tasting good is more important that living forever.

But, I digress.

5 Things I love about these noodles:

  1. They’re cheap
  2. They cook fast (5 minutes total)
  3. The don’t fall apart in the pan
  4. They keep well in the refrigerator
  5. They’re Organic

So, if your an organic loving, Gluten Free eating pasta loving foodie like me, jump up out of your chair this instant and grab a handful of these bags of noodles. You never know when Costco will just stop stocking them. Then, you’ll be paying way too much at the health food stores when you could just be grabbing a new bag from the dry foods storage area.


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