Gluten Free Beer, No, Really!

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Many moons ago my oldest son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and the entire family decided to go completely gluten free with him at that very moment. Going gluten free has been one of the very best things I’ve done for my health, which is a topic for another day. But, I’m human just like you and every now and again I want to celebrate a hard day of kickboxing, boxing and yoga (we did all 3 today) with a beer and video games. Don’t judge, it was hard earned and everything is better after a hard work (another topic for yet another day). I tell you all of this, to tell you that being gluten free and loving beer is no longer a problem. There is in fact good beer out there that just happens to be gluten free. My favorite right now is form New Belgium out of Fort Collins – whom I’ve worked with a on a few beer-ice cream projects with the help of Scrumptious – and it’s amazing. It’s called “Glutiny” and you can find it at a few liquor stores locally. I typically get mine from the liquor store by Sprouts on Wads and about 73rd or the liquor store by the vacant Safeway building across from the new Walmart going in on Ralston (yet another topic for later). IF… your a beer drinker, try this beer! Seriously, you have a free pass to drink beer in the name of scientific study. Don’t just try it because it’s a good GF beer (it is) but because its a good beer in general. Who knows, maybe beer is the one thing keeping your from trying a new GF inspired diet (will totally change your life) and this is the one piece you need to put that puzzle together.
Eat Arvada

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