Embrace your kids inner-ninja at Progresh!

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There exists a place where kids run wild and perform stunts like the characters they watch their shows. A place where parents can facilitate the “get off your butt and do something” mantra they so often preach, but only occasionally practice themselves. This is in indoor playground complete with legit instructors/coaches and staff that can help you to progress (as the name implies) your way from beginner to skilled artisan of physical movement. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Taking your kids skiing or snowboarding this coming winter? Progress has you covered with a synthetic snow hill complete with half-pipe walls and crash pads for those of us just getting our feet – or snowboard as it were – under us.
  • Is you’re little girl a daredevil who likes to do tricks on the trampoline? Fear not, Progresh has 4 trampolines and the coaches can walk you through safely landing your first front or back flip.
  • Maybe you’ve always had a thing for American Ninja Warrior? Well, you can humble your ideas of trying out for the next show in the parkour area and shimmy yourself up the wall, down the ledge, across the bars and off to the padded trampoline.
  • Fancy yourself a cliff diver? There’s a one story platform where you can gain your confidence into a large, stuntman like air bag.
  • Maybe you want to learn how to do some big air tricks… again, covered. They’ve got a large 3-4 story ramp with multiple entry and exit areas that’s perfect for getting speed and then flying off into the stunt air bag.

Video: A Dad learning to take the ramp on skis

We first found Progesh when a family friend had a Birthday party there. It’s appropriately wedged between a rock climbing gym, an America Gladiator style obstacle style course and a high-air adventure park. We loving call it Adrenaline Alley. As a parent, this is the answer to “go do something” and better yet, you can be a part of it as too. While not exactly cheap, it’s fairly priced for the full package of facilities, services and that gigantic smile on your sweaty kids face as you drag their tired butts out after a few hours of channeling their inner primal being.

If you’re going give Progresh a shot (you should), be sure to use the Groupon and save a few bucks right up front. Just one trip will be enough get a feel for what it’s all about and to see if your kids light-up like ours did.

Update on Progresh: Still awesome but if your a person who needs to get a bit of work done while your kids loose their primal minds – the WIFI is a bit slow and latent for anyone doing work beyond emails. Also, power outlets are few and far between. The best vantage point – for example is on the catwalk where there are exactly zero power outlets. My Macbook Pro holds up pretty well on battery power but this could be an issue for others.

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