South Table Mountain – Mystery Solved

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For years, my wife and I have wondered where the trailhead to South Table Mountain was so that we could go check it out. Surely it had to be as cool as North Table Mountain and it must have been kept a secret for good reason. So, we finally tracked down what we believed to be an access point, and set out to see what it was all about. A quick trip down I-70 and a few more turns had us stalled out asking “Isn’t this a prison? Do we just go in there to get to it?” The answer is yes. You go down the same road as the minimum security prison to find the

Trailhead” which is a small parking lot on the South side of NREL. I think my expectations were a bit grander than the reality of what it is. But, you never know, until you go. Now that we’ve been, I don’t know that we ever need to go back. It’s a long walk from the trailhead to the mountain down NREL sidewalks past NREL security trucks watching you to a sliver of a trail that finally takes you up the mountain.

Once on top of the mountain, it’s pretty simple. A few trails that go around the edge of the small mountain with zero vertical gain. There are some nice views of the city if that’s your jam and you’ll surely meet a few people from the nearby houses and condos. South Table Mountain might be nice for a quick bike ride or jog but if Colorado hiking is what you had in mind, you should find any other mountain in the area.

I short, go once, just to say you have.

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