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Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Summit Wide Mouth Coffee Tea Thermos – Double Walled Flask – Powder Coated Hydro Canteen
by Simple Modern

Two things are very true about me. I’m blunt with my opinions and I’m a geek about my beverages. So, when it comes to finding a thermos that I love, lets just say it’s nearly impossible to be 100% happy. But, this thermos from Simple Modern is pretty dang close!

Before I get to far though, let me say thank you to all of you who take the time to review products on line. I live and die by the thoughtful and useful reviews that I find on products and it absolutely sways my choice to purchase or not.

You have to ask yourself “what do I really want in a thermos?”

For me the requirements are:

  • √ A stylish container that I’d be willing to put on any corporate meeting table and that I’d take with me on a long hike up a Colorado Mountain. Everything in between those is implied.
  • A thermos that will keep my beverage hot enough to enjoy 6+ hours later
  • A thermos that will keep my drink so cold that I can still find ice in it 18+ hours later
  • It must fit in my cup holders
  • It has to be leak proof. Not “resistant” but leak proof! AKA Can it be at the bottom of a bag and not leak out, even if it’s upside down?
  • Paint that wont peel or chip easily.My thermos (22oz Orange for me, Slate Gray for the wife) is all of the things. But I’m a bit of a beverage geek and I wanted to know what “hot/warm” really meant after 4,6,12+ hours. So, I tested it. See the images with this post to get an idea of what “hot/warm” really means. In short, you’ll get about 11 hours before your beverage is at 160, which is my minimum temp for coffee.

I love the product so far and every point above is easily checked off! I’m notoriously tough on all of my gadgets, so I’ll update this later with some longevity notes. But, from my experience with many, many products like this, I have a hunch this is going to last a long time.

Bonus points for the extra lid and the awesome powder coated paint job. It really does make a difference in feel and durability.

Price is comparable or better than anything you’ll find at the local stores like Target, Walmart and so on. It’s substantially cheaper than what you’ll find at REI, BASS Pro, and sports stores.

Last thought, thank you, to all of you who take the time to leave meaning reviews of products. Without them, shopping online would suck. I hope this review helps you make your decision.

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