Gluten-Free Tiramisu

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There are very few things I’ve missed since my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Going gluten-free is something I wish I would have done years early than we did, for many reasons, health being the primary reason.

The unexpected upside was the catalyst to learn how to cook with new rules. Taking gluten out of your life will upend most of your favorite comfort foods, including tiramisu.

You can, of course, just substitute a dessert bread for the ladyfingers but it’s not really tiramisu anymore. It’s just close enough. However, just recently I found a gluten-free cookbook that has all the goods, and, they’re damn good. So I took a shot at one of my all-time favorite desserts by making our own gluten-free ladyfingers. It’s magical. It’s fantastic. It’s tiramisu after all these years.

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